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Degrading a Famous Work of Art

By angelian1234 Dec 05, 2013 422 Words

degrading a famous work of art.
“As the painting’ fame spread. It was inevitable that the icon would attract the iconoclast and be debunked. The main pioneer was Marcel Duchamp” (Sassoon, p.265). Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968) was known as an artist with a sense of humor, who also claimed that art could made out of anything at all, and getting famous in about 1917. He promoted Dadaist ideas that we can see it clearly through his art style, a little bit violent to the traditional art. He created the new thought on the original one by changing a little bit some figures on the work under the new title and show different point of view. Marcel Duchamp referred L.H.O.O.Q as a readymade or assisted readymade which he did not make it. He transformed Mona Lisa work in about 1919, and titled with L.H.O.O.Q meaning “She has a hot ass” in French. Marcel Duchamp took a cheap postcard of Mona Lisa, and sketched a beard and moustache on her face with implying meaning that she is man; the one in the picture is portrait of real man. In addition, he really cared about Leonardo Da Vinci’s life time. Besides, Duchamp had psychoanalyzed Leonardo sexual life to art, and argued Leonardo Da Vinci was homosexual. As a criticized artist, Marcel Duchamp somehow discovered the hidden self-portrait points on the picture along with his researches about Leonardo Da Vinci’s art life works and then disclosed the secrets behind the painting. The other word, Marcel Duchamp considered that Mona Lisa is a portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci. This is the answer why Duchamp gets more famous in his life of art. The idea has shocked a lot of people that they never thought about, and with this later on, Leonardo sexuality had been researched continuingly.

Until now, with the modern technology, Lilian F.Schwartz compared Leonardo portrait on Mona Lisa theme in 8 steps variations first from Leonardo turn to become Mona Lisa, we can explore the this idea more closely. However, whatever the rumors are, in the fact, the painting’s fame now has been spreading all over the world. Mona Lisa has been talked about, written about, copied, and even parodied. Positively or negatively, we all agree that all the criticized comments, ideas show that everyone is really cared about this masterpiece, and the mystery behind it. Leonardo Da Vinci is a greatest artist ever who has big influence to the world art and inspire later generation artist.

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