degrading comments toward women

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Kayla – Raine Shostak

Derogatory comments toward women
“Damn girl!” *Looks her up and down as she walks past. Whistles. Then hits his guy friend on the shoulder and points to her. “I’d tap that!” This was said to me as I was walking past a group of guys after school the other day. I did not respond to their continuous whistles and chants as they beckoned me to come over. I continued to walk past them faster as I thought to myself “Who are these guys? They don’t even know me! Man this really makes me feel uncomfortable!” I didn’t respond to their whistles or come to their calls because I am not a dog. I do not deserve to be treated that way. Nor does any female deserve to be treated that way. I believe that degrading comments toward women are an extreme issue in today’s society and they need to stop. It is one thing to call a girl beautiful; however it is another thing to make a sexual comment about her body type as if the only thing women are good for is sex. Men overestimate women’s tolerance for derogatory comments directed at women, and fail to understand that these comments are physically, emotionally, and mentally disturbing. People in general are so consumed with wanting to elevate their status, they are blind to the fact that in doing so they don’t actually have any upward movement of their own, just suppressing others into a downward movement resulting in yes, being higher than others, but no actual movement on their own behalf. Did they literally move up? No

Are they above others? Yes, but only because they pushed others down not only socially, but mentally and physically. states that 90% of all women want to change at least one aspect of their physical appearance. It also reports that women would rather be called beautiful or pretty, than sexy or hot. I also agree with this poll. I prefer to be looked at as a female and not as a sexual object.

Women are routinely degraded in everything from...
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