Topics: Carbon dioxide, Global warming, Fossil fuel Pages: 2 (418 words) Published: October 29, 2014
Besides, deforestation increases the severity of global warming. All living plants store carbon (Venkataramanan, M & Smitha 2011). Unfortunately, we are currently destroying plants which are one of the best known mechanisms for storing carbon (Venkataramanan, M & Smitha 2011) besides oceanic processes such as solubility pump and biological pump through the burning of forests (Michael, E & Selin, H no date). The human conversion of forests into farmland and cities (Venkataramanan, M & Smitha 2011) so that the piece of land can be used to grow our food and for new development (Wilson, J & Law, S 2007) releases large amount of stored carbon into the atmosphere (Venkataramanan, M & Smitha 2011). Deforestation can cause natural carbon sinks to be destroyed if this activity increases the Earth’s average surface temperature just enough (Venkataramanan, M & Smitha 2011). The carbon emitted by deforestation is approximately 2-3 gigatons per year more than the offsetting capacity of natural sinks (Michael, E & Selin, H no date). This surplus of carbon will cause a warming on earth as these sinks will destabilize and release the stored carbon back into the atmosphere. As carbon sinks fails, the amount of carbon in the atmosphere climbs! (Venkataramanan, M & Smitha 2011)

One of the human activities that contribute to global warming is the burning of fossil fuels. This activity is the primary human cause of global warming as it is the main contributing source of greenhouse gas (Venkataramanan, M & Smitha 2011). Fossil fuels such as coal, oil, gasoline and natural gas (Feinstein, D 2006) are carbon-based and will produce carbon dioxide as it was once alive as plants or animals (Wilson, J & Law, S 2007) and thus, increase the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (Venkataramanan, M & Smitha 2011). In 1896, Svante Arrhenius, a heavyweight Swedish scientist, claims that when any fossil fuel is burned, it combines with oxygen to produce energy, carbon dioxide and...
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