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Mirror - is an object that reflects light in a way that preserves much of its original quality subsequent to its contact with the mirror. Plane mirror - plane mirror is a mirror with a planar reflective surface. Concave mirror - A concave mirror, or converging mirror, has a reflecting surface that bulges inward (away from the incident light). Concave mirrors reflect light inward to one focal point, therefore they are used to focus light. Convex mirror reflection - A convex mirror, fish eye mirror or diverging mirror, is a curved mirror in which the reflective surface bulges toward the light source. Convex mirrors reflect light outwards, therefore they are not used to focus light. Reflection - is the change in direction of a wavefront at an interface between two different media so that the wavefront returns into the medium from which it originated. Reflection law - If the reflecting surface is very smooth, the reflection of light that occurs is called specular or regular reflection.

The laws of reflection are as follows:
The incident ray, the reflected ray and the normal to the reflection surface at the point of the incidence lie in the same plane. The angle which the incident ray makes with the normal is equal to the angle which the reflected ray makes to the same normal. he reflected ray and the incident ray are on the opposite sides of the normal. These three laws can all be derived from the reflection equation.

Real image – In optics, a real image is a representation of an object (source) in which the perceived location is actually a point of convergence of the rays of light that make up the image. Virtual image - In optics, a virtual image is an image in which the outgoing rays from a point on the object always diverge. It will appear to converge in or behind the optical device (e.g., a mirror). Specular reflection - is the mirror-like reflection of light (or of other kinds of wave) from a surface,...
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