Definition of a True Hero

Topics: Tartuffe, Candide, Molière Pages: 4 (1509 words) Published: November 5, 2012
Elizabeth Pena
English 2302
Dr. Charlie Scott
02 November 2012
Essay 1: Definition of a True, Authentic Hero
In my eyes, a true, authentic hero is someone with firm courage, nobility, faith, valor, hope, motivation, and bravery. It is someone who devotes time to help others and can truly be admired, one who fights or does things for a good cause. Being a hero means to be the one who steps forward and strives to do what is right, rather than what he/she finds pleasant, convenient, or just simply doing it because everybody else is doing it. Today, there are many different definitions to what a hero is, but a real hero is he/she who makes a difference in and is able to touch the life of other leading to a positive outcome. When it comes to Tartuffe, the true heroes were the king, Dorine, Elmire, Damis, and Cleante. They are my heroes in this literary work because they see right through the hypocrite, false Tartuffe and expose him. Thus Dorine says, “You see him as a saint. I’m far less awed; In fact, I see right through him. He’s a fraud.” (Tartuffe, 1.1.23). Unlike Madam Pernell and Orgon, the others were never quite fooled. “Good God! Do you expect me to submit to the tyranny of that carping hypocrite? Must we forgo all joys and satisfactions because that bigot censures all our action?” (Tartuffe, 1.1.18), said Damis in response to Orgon viewing their behavior as inappropriate. He came right out and said what everyone else was thinking. It is not until Elmire decides to put an end to Orgon’s blindness that he is able to see Tartuffe for who he really is. “You’ve been too long deceived, and I’m quite tired of being disbelieved. Come no: let’s put my statements to the test, and you shall see the truth made manifest” (Tartuffe, 4.3.22). Nonetheless, Tartuffe was suspicious but Elmire was wise and knew how she should speak to someone like him. “Ah, Sir, if that refusal made you smart, it’s little that you know of woman’s heart, or what that heart is trying to...
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