Definition of a Loner

Pages: 2 (360 words) Published: September 27, 2010
Definition of a Loner
What is a loner? The word "loner" means someone who prefers to be alone or someone who has no friend. Naturally, it is appropriate to divide loners into categories,but apparently they have a lot in common. The loners behave mysteriously. They appear as lone figures. The loners have their own inner world.

Most of us haven't known much about what the loners are thinking even the people around them have no idea about their mysterious behaviours. For instance, loners in college rarely communicate with their classmates even have little connect with their roommates. You never see them in any extracurricular activities. They only attend the courses which interest them and you can easily find them at the back row in most cases. The loners often wander in campus on their own to find quiet places to stay alone. Some of them write something or study something which has little to do with their lessons but you never know what exactly it is.

Loners seem sad because they always appear as lone figures. Some strange emotion will overwhelmed us if we see a lone figure standing at a bus stop or a railway station. We may image that what a story had happened to him or her. The loners will get lonely being on their own all day if they realize that people around them can share happiness and sorrows with their friends. Lonely feelings crept over them and the people who saw them.

Fortunately,loners have their own inner world. They prefer to be alone to build a castle which can protect them from earthly competition and the state of being bothered. It is also the reason why they can live their own lives without friends. Bill Gates who was one of the greatest loners was misunderstood by most people when he left off his study. He was no doubt a loner at that time but it is the beginning of his software empire. It is for loners essential to find and have their own world.

Loners are special as I mentioned above, but they also can achieve great goals....
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