Definition of a Family

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On Tuesday, August 28th we did an in-class assignment on our personal beliefs, regarding the definition of family. I had not personally evaluated my philosophy on family prior to this class period, so my mind started rolling immediately. Why was it that I considered two heterosexual males caring for their children together more of a family than an unmarried couple without kids? After some reflection, I do believe I have found the answer as to how I would define the term “Family”. Definition

I believe family can be defined as a group of people sharing common bloodlines. If there is a lack of blood relation, they must obtain a legal or binding agreement. This agreement can come in the form of a marriage license, adoption record, or agreement for foster-parenting. In order for a married couple to be a family unit, they must also have a child. Membership

I am going to explain the basics of membership to the best of my ability, using the maternal side of my family, to help others visualize my explanation. It should be noted beforehand that I have a mother, father, and two younger sisters who I consider to be family, even though my father and sisters aren’t mentioned in the section below. According to my definition, my maternal family is made up of my mother, a grandmother and grandfather, one great grandmother on my grandmother’s side, one aunt, and one uncle. The aunt being my mother’s sister; and the uncle being my mother’s brother. In addition to this, I have five cousins, all blood-related. Even though there obviously needs to be another role in this family unit to create cousins, it does not fall under my biological definition. My aunt’s husband and my uncle’s wife would fall under this next section of criteria. For me to consider these people family, they would at least need to be married to a biological family member of mine. In the situation that they would be unmarried, I would consider them family only if they had a child with a member of my family,...
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