Definition of a Cook

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The Typical Cook

In her article, "Too Many Cooks? Not Nearly Enough," from NYC, Amanda Hesser states, "Cooking is an art, but working proficiently in a professional kitchen is a craft (Hesser, 4). Being a cook is a tough job. It's more than just cooking. It's also planning, managing, accommodating the needs of co-workers and patrons, and making the best of things when your pantry contains only a stick of butter, two sausages, and three carrots.

The typical cook is a Caucasian male in his early 20's. In the article, "Missing: Great Women Chefs in New York," by Marian Burros, she explains that usually men outnumber women because women who want to be successful in the male dominated cooking world, must have a determination level that surpasses all men and is willing to sacrifice spending time with family, children, and also having a social life (Burros, 2). The typical cook has arms with burn scars and cuts. He is approximately 5'10" and weighs 170 lbs. If lucky, he is educated with a degree from culinary schools like the Culinary Institute of America, or the French Culinary Institute, which upon graduation will almost guarantee a higher position in the field. According to Amanda Hesser, in her article, "Too Many Cooks? Not Nearly Enough," the average salary for the educated cook is around $35,000 with five years of previous experience (Hesser, 6). If not, the typical cook has no college education and worked throughout high school through many apprenticeships. Most of which are unpaid in the beginning, but once they did become paid, they earned entry-level salaries of less than $20,000.

Cooks are hard working people who make lives of others more enjoyable. The following quote was spoken in the article, "Chef With a Side Dish: A Philosophy of Food," by Jane Gross. Ms. Waters, owner of Chez Panisse of California, commented, "Kids are starving, literally and figuratively. There is not punctuation in their day. They aren't included. They aren't...
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