Definition of Visitor Attractions

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This essay attempts to investigate and discuss the common features of existing definitions of visitor attractions (turn it in match). Visitor attractions  are  fundamental  to  the existence  of  tourism, therefore  there  have  been  several  attempts  to  come with its clear definition. However, all approaches employed by researchers could not provide one universal definition. This can be justified by the complexity of tourism industry. The author of this paper is going to describe different aspects of defining visitor attractions while trying to discover an outline of the common features existing in definitions. Then, the most relevant one is presented and followed by justification of the author’s choice. The entire essay leads to reasoned conclusion of discussed topic.

At the very beginning it has to be clarified that it is hard to find one simple and good definition of visitor attractions. Defining of this term might cause an argument between researchers around the world as management concepts and styles vary in particular areas. The literature of the subject covers as simple definition as Holloway (2006). The author seeks to presents main purpose of existing visitor attractions without defining differentiation of the subject. However, an advantage of Holloway’s explanation is fact that it applies all around the world but might be used for management concepts only.

Next definition, wrote by Pearse (1991) is also short, however presents wider range of attraction. It might be said that this explanation slightly categorize defined subject. The author emphasises attractions in prime of resources (natural, human made) and outlines who are the stakeholders. This is a general definition which might apply all around the world. It might be used for management concept. However, it includes some theoretical information which might also refer to management style.

The following explanation provides another point of view. Swarebrooke (2002:9) in his work...
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