Definition of Success

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The definition of success defers from person to person. Some believe that being rich is successful, while others may value family beyond fortune. For me, success means that I can do everything I want to do. However, can do something is very different from wanting to do something. Sometimes we have chances of making our dreams come true. But without capability, we can only let chances pass away. It is to say, success in life comes from careful planning more than from only taking risks or chances. Only risks or chances cannot make things happen, like only kindling cannot make fire.

Many true business cases tell us that risks and chances are not always reliable. Some young CEOs who just inherit enterprises from their families cannot run their business very well. They have good chances, but they fail eventually probably because they never plan to operate businesses in the first beginning. In contrast, other young CEOs who have good education and tough training before they take over their parents¡¦ job may make outstanding contribution to their enterprises.

And take myself for example. Two years ago, when I looked for a good job after graduating from National Taiwan University, I felt confident to interview the branches of the Big 4 CPA firms in Taiwan. Because I graduated from the best university in Taiwan and my GPA was not bad, I received three offers from the Big 4 in Taiwan. People might think that I was a lucky girl, but I just attributed my success in having a good job to my hardworking in high school and college. In contrast, once I had precious chance to be an exchanging student to Austria with full scholarship for one year. However, I gave up only because I could not speak German at all. It was such a pity that if I had have plan to learn German previously, I would have amazing experience studying in Austria.

Life is short and cannot repeat. If we really want to do something, we have to plan cautiously for taking risks or...
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