Definition of Nursing

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Definition of Nursing

Mary Hays


Definition of Nursing
One’s personal beliefs regarding the Nursing Profession will be examined in this Definition of Nursing paper. The major elements of nursing in our society today will be defined. Personal and professional values will be defined in part through the use of examples from personal clinical practice. A statement of how these values relate to the Jesuit Mission will follow. Definition of Terms

The preparation of a patient for the most optimal level of physical and psychological well being is defined as health. Nurses prepare their patients for re-entry into society, that is, one’s own personal environment which is made up of one’s physical surroundings as well as cultural values, customs, and beliefs. Optimal health is defined by prevailing societal norms and values, but is specific to each individual. Patient

A patient is a person or group of people, such as a family, a cultural group or a community that is in need of assistance in restoring an optimal level of health. Patients include those defined as so in a particular health care setting or any member or group in society that nursing has targeted and defined as in need of help. Help may include the recognition of a health problem, identification of current trends in treatment, and resources available to help with healing, and sources of educational material to help understand an illness and the steps involved in the healing process. Nurse

A nurse is a professional who is trained to assist patients in regaining their optimal level of health, in order to re-enter society. Due to the current state of the health care system, this must be done in the shortest time possible. Nurses must continuously update their skills in order to provide the most efficient nursing care. A well rounded, up-to-date body of knowledge defining specialized nursing care is needed to provide the most efficient hands-on care. Nursing also provides education relevant to the patient’s condition or illness and steps to maximize the healing process. Nursing care is derived form a unique and extensive body of specialized knowledge that is constantly evolving and growing. Nurses also aid in shaping social policies and advocate for social change in order to improve health and wellness for all. Environment

Environment in the health care context has a wide range of meanings. Environment can be defined as the physical area in which one lives and works. In this more intimate sense of the word, one’s environment has a profound effect on ones health. This personal environment is a product of personal and cultural values and practices. In a broader sense of the word, environment refers to societal values and practices as they directly impact ones personal environment. Political values, religious values, economic trends, geographical trends, wars, illness, the prominent health care issues, and unemployment rates all contribute to the environment in which one lives, and ultimately directly impact the health of a society and the delivery of its health care system. Personal and Professional Values

Nursing requires noble values such as honesty, empathy, caring, respect, courage, honor and dedication. These high ethical standards have a direct effect on the quality of patient care. Professional values are the product of culture and the prevailing belief systems. Nursing requires the same set of personal values as defined above as well as those consistent with the application of our personal values to our care for our patients. The most desirable qualities include dedication, commitment to professionalism, loyalty, integrity, hard work, and conscientiousness. Supporting Nursing Values

Understanding and forgiveness can be trying in...

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