Definition of Man

Topics: Man, Gender, Male Pages: 2 (844 words) Published: May 16, 2006
Joey La Rossa 3rd
What's a Man
According to today's average male his basic wants consist of only four things: "eat, sleep, poop, and have sex. If a man says otherwise he is only trying to get to one of those four things."(Comedy Central Television) This, of course, has not always been the way of men, but a man simply changes with society to better fit the world. The same traditions that men have carried out through the ages still continue, but have been altered along with our world, traditions such as marriage, occupations, and even war. Our human past begins domestically and slowly transforms to an organized, inventive, chivalrous world, and then to our world today – power driven. Men have always been drawn to power and have finally created a world to make it easier to acquire. Men have always had the primal urges and same instincts that we continue to carry out today. Men have always been the first to stand up in our history to take control in time of chaos, mostly because men have so cleverly kept women in place. Men then labeled themselves as superior. The dominance of men didn't stop there; they then had to prove it, to themselves along to the rest of the world. Being a man is proven easy, but manhood is not. Cultures even today, still maintain ritualistic achievements to man hood based on age. Boys would have to prove their manhood based on tasks; to contain the male genitalia had no difference on whether one was a man or not. In our past being a man was much more than what it is today. It used to be an honor; it immediately gave one more responsibility and a higher rank in ones culture. Through the progression of mankind and its instruments, the belief, of having to obtain manhood, slowly disintegrated away from our society. Men began finding ways to the cheap progression of manhood. Coward like ways infested our world, men began raping, beating, molesting, killing, all those that are smaller than him. In truth it is these men who are...
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