Definition of Charity

Topics: Barack Obama, Civil disobedience, Nonviolence Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: April 22, 2014
“The Definition of Charity”

In Lyneka Little’s article, “Jay-Z Declares His Presence as Charity”, she provides the debate between Harry Belafonte and Jay-Z on their opinions of the definition of charity. Belafonte articulates that’s Jay-Z does not use his celebrity status to get involved in political and social issues. However, Jay-Z disagrees with Belafonte and argues that he consistently uses his presence as a symbol of his social responsibility, thus justifying his definition of charity. Jay-Z’s opinion is rational. By using rap music and methods of technology, Jay-Z contributes to the society in customs that some women and men cannot appreciate. Jay-Z proves that Harry Belafonte’s criticism does not apply to him. In the course of the rally for Trayvon Martin’s justice, Jay-Z and Beyoncé make their appearance. However, at the function Jay-Z pronounces, “I’m not here to do interviews, thank you”. Strictly about his business, and the seriousness of the gathering, Jay-Z presents himself only to pay homage to the slain teen and not to epitomize himself for the paparazzi. President Barack Obama’s second inauguration is another period when Jay-Z shows social responsibility. Broadcasted on television is Jay-Z and Beyoncé sitting at the inauguration. However, the seats that the power couple is sitting in are not just any

seats, they are front row seats. Yet again, Jay-Z is physically shown representing himself for the black community; but he portrays charity in other customs as well. Music can also be used as a form of social responsibility. Jay-Z does not have to be physically present in order to celebrate, grieve or appreciate a certain scenario. To address the topic even in a song lyric offers support and reassurance. In the song “Forever Young”, Jay-Z recites “Fear not die, I’ll be alive for a million years”. Jay-Z’s song is dedicated to Trayvon Martin, and that specific lyric clarifies that Trayvon is making such a controversial impact that he will go...
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