Definition of an Addiction

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Addiction is a constant need for a substance such as nicotine, drugs, or alcohol, which tends to be unsuitable for the body. Addiction is known to be unhealthy for people. Having an addiction is to be fixated on something that a person feels she can’t live without.

People who use nicotine on a daily basis are more than likely labeled as having an addiction; but some of those same people can quit cold turkey. This is not being addicted to nicotine. If someone drinks alcohol from the time she wakes up until the time she passes out, yet can stop at any given time, that person does not have an addiction. Even though there are people who drink coffee to stay awake during the early morning hours, it doesn’t mean these people are addicted to coffee.

Although most of the time people will tell you that they don’t have an addiction and can stop whatever it is they are doing at any time, they usually can’t do it. These people have an addiction. People with addictions are those who feel as though they just can’t live without something. There are things in everyday life that people can’t live without. This doesn’t mean that addiction stops at drugs, nicotine, or alcohol. Addiction can be things such as shopping, surfing the internet, playing video games, collecting cars or antiques. Addiction can be as small as chewing on a piece of gum after every meal. Nowadays you can’t catch a person without a cell phone to their ear. Does this mean that they have an addiction? There are people who won’t go without having their Blackberry on their hip. People feel they need to check their email, or that they are going to miss an important text message from a friend. Some people feel that catching a sale at JCPenny is important and will never come around again. There are people who feel that chewing a piece of gum after every meal will keep their breath fresh. Are these the same kind of addictions?

Addiction is not limited to drugs, alcohol, and nicotine. Addictions...
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