Definition Essay/ the Perfect Example of a Father

Topics: Family, Father, Primate Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: April 6, 2011
The Perfect Example of a Father

As the old saying goes anyone can have a child but it takes a special man to be a real father. Raising a child is by no means easy and it requires a lot of love, patience and time. He was forty-four when he walked into the lives of two very young children. He had already raised his two grown biological children. Then he took over the full-time responsibilities of another man’s biological children. Though the children could not have known it then, their new stepdad would have a profound effect on their lives. He would share in their thoughts and feelings as well as their successes and disappointments. He would be the perfect example of how a father should be; a teacher and guide to provide a source of strength and love.

Ambrus Chauncy was a respectable man patient and kind; he gave those children everything they needed, with an understanding heart as well as a firm hand. He was a source of strength and support from the very start. His consistency always prevailed. He always put the children’s needs above his own. He dedicated his life to those children and gave them all he had. Security and love was more than their biological father could provide and Mr. Chauncy took it with pride. He was a role model in disguise.

Growing up, those two children named Amy and Alisha were very resentful of Mr. Chauncy. “That wasn’t their dad; he was old fashioned and couldn’t tell them what to do.” They thought of him as a drill sergeant, being on a routine was his thing, but little did they know he was inspiring them to accomplish all their dreams. No matter what, “Mr. Old Fashioned” was there to take them to softball practice, coach their team, play basketball with them every night after dinner, take them to band practice or play anything they wanted him to do. Attending church regularly was his belief to staying united. Using the old saying was his favorite, “A family that stays together prays...
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