Definition Essay On Rational Love
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My interpretation of her criterion is that the people we love, must have specific looks and characteristic traits for love to be rational. We rationally love those that are our own blood relative. For example our immediate family members causes us as people to love them no matter what. It is a predisposed condition that allows us to love them regardless and unconditionally. Also love can make us behave in ways that are not logical.
Rational Love
The moment a mother gives birth to her child and physically sees him or her for the very first time is an unconditional bond and love. That kind of love has grown for over nine months and will continue to grow because this is a life you have created.
This describes rational love because it is rational
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In this instance it was not ok to hurt the one you love. They meant so much to each other and the thought of losing that bond would cause more pain than what they were willing to bear the pain.
Irrational Love
My friend Cindy has been with Kevin for over 6 year and Kevin in my definition a horrible, bum person. Kevin is an unfaithful person who repeatedly cheats on Cindy; disrespectful; a liar and who treats my friend like crap. Kevin never is involved in the relationship and the only time he is if and only if it benefits him. He has put Cindy through a lot of heartache and pain but somehow she still wants to be with him. And I don’t see her having any attempts to move on.
I believe this exhibits irrational love because Cindy has no sane or realistic reason to stay with someone who treats you like you’re the worst person and that believes he could do better with someone else.
With so many reality television shows, it depicts women dating guys because of his wealth and status. The guy looks, personality or demeanor is not a factor when searching for a mate, the women believes they can learn to love that person later in life. The women are only in the relationship for the financial benefits and “not seeing him as he really is” (Brogarrd p.

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