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Topics: Addiction, Alcoholism, Drug addiction Pages: 5 (1380 words) Published: June 5, 2013
Yesenia Gomez

Professor O’Hora

English 1C

January 30, 2013


We live in a society to which teens and adults are prone to fall into certain habits that lead to acting a certain way far from what is acceptable. In our time people have a habit of drinking alcohol which is one of the most common addiction. Simple addictions can alter a person’s attitude towards people and can often alter their personalities. People are fooled into believing that these habits are in their state of mind normal, but within our society they are categorized as addictions. An addiction consists of common habits which later changes a person’s life in a negative way. An addiction begins when a person depends too much on something to get a feeling of rush and happiness.

According to The Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Health the term addiction is refer to as “an addiction as the compulsive need to use a habit-forming substance or an irresistible urge to engage in a behavior.” An addiction can be anything from drugs to being an internet addict. Becoming engage into certain situations or being at the state of vulnerability lead to addiction in the future. An addiction is form “of reward, or feeling of pleasure. The brain chemical most closely associated with this reward system is dopamine, a neurotransmitter that carries messages between nerve cells in the brain” according to the Macmillan Social Science Library post. The environment setting plays a big role in a person’s addiction problems. A person’s personal or external problems are the causes of an addiction that lead a person to seek and crave for more.

A person becomes an addict when they depend or abuse of any substance. The person consistently depends on these harmful substances that give the person a sense of joy. Giving into an addiction helps a person feel accepted and loved. An addiction is considered a brain disorder. For example, a person who is a heavy drinker constantly keeps having problems in different aspects of their life because the drinking has become the problem. People have a sense of lost of control to limit their drinking habits. An addiction can lead to many serious health and personal issues that lead the person feeling vulnerable. Their are two major theories that give a further view on what causes an addiction.

Cultural beliefs on addiction of alcohol varies on different ethnic groups. The article “Values and Beliefs: Existential Models of Addiction” in some cultures drinking is portrayed as “poor self-control and/or psychological dependence.” Jews, Italians, and Chinese portray addiction of alcohol to be downgrading in comparison with the Irish. Most Irish groups have invested more of their time and money into alcohol which eventually can lead to an addiction. The main cause of an addiction depends the persons cultural background because it is based on the value of their beliefs and religion.

The Myth About Addiction and its Treatments suggest that addictions are caused by nature. There are two theories model that take on the experiment to provide answers on why people fall into an addiction introduced in the 1940’s by E.M Jellinek . The first theory model is called, “The Disease Model, which describes addiction as a chronic relapsing brain disease” it is considered more of a physical disorder. It is a compulsion that the brain has over the human body. The body does not have any control of what the mind wants to do. The second theory model is called, “Free Will” which suggest that a person is the trigger to their addiction and can quit at any time if they decide to. Moreover, there has been a bit of a controversy over the “Free Will” model because it can also be seen as physical factor. The people trying to quit will need to depend to much on treatment providers in order to quit their addiction. Addictions can also lead to severe health problems later in their life. Peer pressure can also be a trigger that leads teens and adults...
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