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Topics: The Lion King, Dehydration, Thirst Pages: 2 (804 words) Published: October 17, 2012
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Praiseworthiness can raise an individuals’ confidence. They won’t be afraid to do things they thought they never could do. How can praiseworthiness be defined? According to Google, the term “praiseworthy” can be defined as “deserving approval and admiration.” The ability to have determination, bravery and being hardworking are three important characteristics of praiseworthiness.

One important characteristic of praiseworthiness is having determination. Having determination is important because people are willing to do anything to overcome any challenges just so they can achieve what they want. Two examples of this are the crow in “The Crow and the Pitcher” and the magical child from “The Price of Jasmines and Liles.” In the “The Crow and the Pitcher,” the crow was dehydrated, so one day the crow saw a pitcher with water in it. He tried to get a hold of the water but couldn’t reach it. The crow then decided to drop pebbles in the pitcher to make the water rise. The crow kept dropping pebble after pebble until the water reached to the top so the crow could quench his thirst. In “The Price of Jasmines and Liles,” the magical child was born blessed. She would turn drops of water into beads of gold. Also whenever she spoke, jasmines and liles fell from her mouth. These powers made her parents wealthy. The prince found out about her and wanted to marry her so she traveled to the prince with her Aunt. As she was walking, she was getting dehydrated. Her aunt told her if wanted water than she would have to pluck her eyes out. She agreed because she was thirsty. The magical child became blind but was still spreading joy. She was determined to get her eye sight back by praying to Allah which is her God. Since she never gave up, she was blessed with two eyes from an old man who was selling her liles and jasmines in exchange for eyes.

Another important characteristic of praiseworthiness is bravery. Bravery is important because when people...
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