Definition and Classification of Family

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Rykki Friedman
Professor DeEsch
Advanced Composition
25 May 2014
Definition and Classification of Family
According to the Oxford English Dictionary the word, “Family,” comes the from Latin familia meaning 'household servants, household, family', from famulus 'servant' (Oxford English Dictionary). My own definition of family is the mother and father of children. Many define family as a group living in one household. However, when I think of family I would define it more as the two individuals that create one, not a group of parents, children, grandparents etc. These two people who together bring children into the world are the ones who bring continuity to the world, give self-esteem and self-worth to their children, ensure that their children get proper education and give love to their children no matter the situation.

Perhaps my definition of family being two individuals that bring children into this world comes from the culture that I belong to, although nowadays many are not defining family as the two individuals that have children (Schulten). Being from a religious ultra-orthodox culture, I was always taught that one of a woman’s roles in this world is to marry and raise children. Aside from being taught that it is a role of a Jewish woman, I strongly feel like almost every single woman in this world has potential and is given the ability to marry, have children and thereby create continuity in this world. Right now I am a single girl who is engaged to a lovely man and I am looking forward to following my mother’s footsteps and have children who will continue my heritage and make my parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents (!) proud that I am continuing the family name. God willing by marrying my fiancé we will both be able to do this.

Another reason I think that family is defined as the two individuals, mother and father is because they give so much to their children. The self-esteem and self-worth of children is based so much on...

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