Defining research problem and setting objectives

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1. Defining Research Problem and Setting Objectives

The Research Problem.
The problem identified might be too broad in coverage; therefore it has to be narrowed down to a specific research problem in a specific setting. Question relative to the problem may be raised:
a. Are the problems on the youth’s undesirables values also felt in the local setting of the study? b. To what extent are these problems felt?
c. What may be their causes?
d. What recommendations can be proposed to minimize, if not solve the problems? Thus, from the problem statement, research questions are formulated.

Sources of a Problem. Research problem may be derived from the following: a. Experiences and observations
b. Vast amount of literature in your own field
c. Courses that you have taken
d. Journals, books, magazines, or abstracts
e. Theses and dissertations (focused on recommendation)
f. Professors and classmates
g. Internet

Formulating the Research Problem
Reviewing what is already known about a problem situation through the search for related literature and studies is an essential part of the research process. A good review of information will suggest the social, economic, political, cultural and historical aspects of the problem. This wille help to narrow the focus of the proposed investigation. IT will indicate the major theoretical concepts and operational variables other researchers have considered important. It will suggest possible research hypotheses that need to be tested and it will help the researcher avoid the areas of study which have already been explored by other researchers many times over.

a. Defining Research Problem (Non-developmental research)

Title is used as “guide” in the search for literature and developing the outline of your paper. Example: “THE ACCEPTABILITY OF HUMAN RESOURCE INFORMATION SYSTEM (HRIS) USING BIOMETRICS AT QUEZON CITY POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY: BASIS FOR IMPLEMENTATION”

Having chosen the specific topic for your...
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