Defining Psychology

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Defining Social Psychology
Ashley Rose Allen
PSY 400
May 21, 2012
Robin Harris

Defining Social Psychology
In any society there are various ways an individual can influence behavior. One of those influences in society is the presence of others because people seem to set up expectations of others. In every society and culture people are expected to behave and act in a certain manner, therefore, if an individual does not behave as expected it is taken as socially unacceptable or abnormal. Each social situation has its own specified expectations about the acceptable way to behave or interact. These specific expectations can very from group to group. Social roles, for example, are parts on individual plays as a member of a social group. Every person has a social role such as, son, daughter, mother, worker, ect. Within these roles the expected behaviors are called social norms. Social norms are unwritten rules which specify how people should behave in social groups or cultures. Within psychology, the emerging analysis of culture provides an opportunity to reclaim and extend several key social psychological theoretical insights. These include that people everywhere exist in a social network, group, community, and relationship (Dimaggio& Markus 2010). This paper will define social psychology; discuss different disciplines such as clinical psychology, general psychology, and sociology. In addition, the paper will explain the role of research on social psychology.

Social psychology

Humans have an irresistible urge to explain behavior, to attribute it to some cause, and therefore to make it seem orderly, predictable, and controllable. An individual may react differently to similar situations because they think differently. How one reacts to a friend’s insult depends on whether he can attribute it to hostility or to a bad day (Myers, 2010). Due to these urges to explain behavior, social psychology studies how people think, feel, and act the way...
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