Defining Family

Topics: Family, Marriage, Sibling Pages: 3 (1079 words) Published: June 10, 2013
ENG 102
Definition Essay

Sara King

Defining Family

      "The concept of 'family' seems simple to many people, but its abounding in subtleties of meaning that involve concepts that are related to but not the same, including the definition of marriage, the meaning of family life, gender roles, relationships, households, sexuality, children, and dependents. That is a lot of human life for one concept to encompass." from Work and Family Encyclopedia.  Webster's Dictionary defines "family" as a group of individuals living under one roof usually under one head, also the basic unit in society usually consisting of two parents rearing their children: any of various social units differing from but regarded as equivalent to the traditional family such as single parent or spouses.   Wolfram Alpha shares 8 meanings all nouns 1) a social unit living together 2) Primary social group; parents and children 3) a collection of things sharing a common attribute 4) people descended from a common ancestor 5) a person having kinship with another or others 6) (biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more genera 7) A loose affiliation of gangsters in charge of organized criminal activities 8) An association of people who share common beliefs or activities.   How we define family is often determined by what our own families look like. My own family growing up was a blended one.  I never knew that term until I was much older.  My parents met and were married later in life.  My mother had 5 children from a previous marriage, and after they got married they had me together.  It was never odd for me because I never thought of my brothers and sisters as anything but that, we never talked about half brothers and sisters.  They never saw their real father, and in fact Dad walked my sisters down the aisle at their weddings.  That was our family.  We each got married and added in-laws and children, after my Dad passed away Mom remarried and we added a stepfather and hid...
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