Define the six principles of communication outlined in Chapter 1.

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Criminal Justice Communications

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Communication is part of everyday life. Though we all have the ability to communicate, it is communicating effectively that matters most. Whether you are giving a speech, teaching a class or having a conversation with a co-worker, communicating effectively can make the difference between being understood and being dismissed. Therefore, it is important to understand the principles of effective communication and how you can apply them in your everyday conversations.

Show Respect

When speaking to another person or a large crowd, show respect to your audience. Use wording and verbiage that correspond to the same educational level as your audience. For instance, you wouldn't use complex financial terms with a group of fifth graders to explain how a bank works as you would with a group of college students.

Never Interrupt

Whether communicating one-on-one or with a group is it impolite to interrupt anyone while they are speaking to you. This includes cutting someone off when she is asking a question you already know the answer to. Allow the individual to finish making her point before responding. Otherwise, the communication becomes one-sided and ineffective.

Show Kindness

Start your communication by making yourself friendly and approachable. This can include smiling and beginning communication with honest praise. When the situation warrants a serious conversation, such as reprimanding a student or employee, be professional about it and keep the tone non-confrontational and informative. Do not let emotions or outside thoughts affect how you communicate with the individual and keep the conversation...
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