Define Communication. What Are the Barriers of Communication?

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The Oxford English dictionary defines communication as the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium. The role of communication in organizational behavior is a vital one, as miscommunication typically reduces productivity and increases error and waste. Accurate communication transmitted in a supportive manner often results in increased morale and may also lead to a greater sense of camaraderie among staff. Within organizations, having a more open communication policy may provide a safety valve to vent problems before these issues impact productivity. Another role communication plays in organizational behavior includes equipping stakeholders to clearly communicate the organization's mission. Maintaining an accurate record of the organization's activities and encouraging civil and positive engagement with customers and stakeholders are two other important roles played by communication in organizational behavior. Following are the main communication barriers:

Perceptual and Language Differences: Perception is generally how each individual interprets the world around him. All generally want to receive messages which are significant to them. But any message which is against their values is not accepted. A same event may be taken differently by different individuals. For example: A person is on leave for a month due to personal reasons (family member being critical). The HR Manager might be in confusion whether to retain that employee or not, the immediate manager might think of replacement because his team’s productivity is being hampered, the family members might take him as an emotional support. The linguistic differences also lead to communication breakdown. Same word may mean different to different individuals. For example: consider a word “value”. What is the value of this Laptop?

I value our relationship.
What is the value of learning technical skills?
“Value” means different in different sentences....
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