Definciion de articulos cuantitativos en finanzas

Topics: Corporate finance, Finance, Capital structure Pages: 6 (1009 words) Published: October 21, 2013

Introducción a las Finanzas Corporativas

Nombre del Profesor
Dr. Rocio Gómez Tagle Rangel

Nombre del curso:
Introducción a las Finanzas Corporativas
Ubicación y hora del curso:
EGADE Business School, Monterrey
Horario: Lunes 18h -21h30 hours
Dr. Rocio Gómez Tagle Rangel
Correo electrónico:
Contacto fuera de clase:
Previa Cita
Oficina: Edificio EGADE Business School no. 351
Teléfono: 81-86256172

Course Description

This is an intense, hard-working course for highly-motivated students. We will deal with the application of finance theory and financial principles to corporate decision making. We shall cover fundamental topics of corporate finance such as risk and return, beta estimation and interpretation, cost of capital and capital structure theory and application. This course covers intermediate to advanced theories and practices of modern corporate financial management within a market-oriented framework. The course is designed to develop analytical skills for sound decision-making. It emphasizes practical applications with various pedagogical techniques. The general objectives of the course are as follow:

a. To understand analytical tools and models necessary for financial decision-making and management; b. To acquaint you with making investment, financing, and corporate valuation business decisions in a global environment; c. To address the interaction of the corporation with financial markets and institutions; d. To provide you with an understanding of equilibrium-pricing relationships in asset markets and how they can be applied to managerial problem solving.

Purpose and Focus

The aim of this course is to enable the student to analyze practical and often complex financial situations in the corporate setting, under the assumption that each student is familiar with basic knowledge of economics, statistics and financial accounting.

The specific objectives of the course are (1) to help build a framework for analyzing various corporate finance issues such as capital budgeting techniques, cost of capital calculation, cash flow estimation and capital structure practices hedging mainly through techniques and models of financial analysis and (2) to provide a broad overview of managerial business finance topics which can then be critically applied to solve strategic business problems.

Course Schedule

Learning Objectives
1 & 2

Introduction to Corporate Finance Chapter 1 RWJ

Financial analysis and planing
Chapter 2 and 3 RWJ
Read Appendix 2-A
Solve Case Best Financial Services

Understand the importance of corporate finance decisions in the value of the firm, such as: a) The decision to be public, b) to issue stocks or bonds, c) to invest in different projects

Ability to read an analyze financial statements. Ability to model the firm through its pro forma financial statements. 3
Time value of Money
Chapter 4, 5 RWJ
Solve Case Mountain Man Beer Company

Learn why money has value across time. Ability to make pricing decisions based on discounted cash flows. 4
Bond and stock valuation
Chapter 8 and 9 RWJ
Solve Case Northampton

Experience and application of particular security instruments using time value of money. 5
Risk and return
Chapter 10 and 11 RWJ
Solve Problems with a solution at the end of book for chapter 10 and 11

Learn the association between risk and control. Lear how to measure risk and how to reduce it through diversification. 6
Mid Term Exam

Weighted average cost of capital
Chapter 13 RWJ
Solve case Marriott Corporation

Ability to estimate the firms wacc using CAPM, DDM, YTM and other financial models. 8
Cash flow estimation
Chapter 7 RWJ
Solve Problems with a solution at the end of book for chapter 7

Ability to estimate the firm´s future and expected cash flows through principles of...
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