Topics: Death, Horror film, Burial Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Walking down an old moldy hallway with distressed stairs screaming with every step, there is a dimly lit doorway leading to a hunched withered old man aggressively working on a grey, decomposing body. This is what horror films have drilled into our heads of what a mortician is; when in reality a Mortician is not just an embalmer with the stigma of death that shadows them around. Morticians have a wide variety of undertakings; they supervise the preparations of the burial, arrange funerals and services, and support and counsel the living.

There are several different factors when choosing a cemetery or burial place and a mortician guides you through all of them to fit the families’ and the deceased’s needs. There are many different cemeteries and burial locations to choose from which can be very overwhelming for a grieving family, also very confusing there are so many different ways to put your loved one to rest that it may seem like an endless list of decisions. A mortician will guide you through this with care and compassion to assist in a very important decision. They will decided what best fits your needs and arrange visitations to places or consults with the appropriate people for a specialized service. For example if your loved one was part of any military branch, a mortician will locate a veteran’s cemetery in a location that is appropriate for the family also will arrange for the honor guard, a flag ceremony and any other requirement to facilitate a service that brings closure and peace to any family. There are also many hidden costs that can occur with a burial and a mortician will make sure families know up front and summarize the final costs; morticians are there to be an advocate in a time of need. ("How to choose a Cemetery”)

In addition morticians helps facilitate all the needs of the family for the service itself, the first part that they help with is deciding the type of service religious or non-denominational this is decided by the deceased...
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