defense mechanisms

Topics: Erik Erikson, Developmental psychology, Attachment in adults Pages: 2 (1087 words) Published: November 3, 2014

Psikologi Pengenalan DiriReflection
Subject: Psikologi Pengenalan DiriName: Lee Suhaerin
Student Number: 00000009100
Purpose: Self-reflection
Font: Times New Roman / Size: 12 / double spaced

Universitas Pelita HarapanThis assignment is submitted as a requirement in Psikologi Pengenalan DiriSemester 1. 2014 – 2015 Defense Mechanisms – Page 1
Type of Defense Mechanisms Please describe the situation that you faced, that provoked the occurrence of this defense mechanism Please explain the reason you used this type of defense mechanism Repression

I was grown in my cousin’s house with my grandmother. My cousins are cheerful and very honest so they always ask what they want and what they needs. But I can’t ask for it. I just forbear to ask what I want or needs. In that time, My parents business was fall down. That’s why I lived in cousin’s house. So I was anxious to ask something to my grandmother or my parents. I afraid that they are going to feel harder if I ask or require something. Displacement

I often yelled by my dad because of many reasons. Then, I displace my anger towards to my mom. Maybe, I can’t hold feeling of anger in that time, so I express anger to my mom. Rationalization
I was late to important appointment with my friend. She was really upset about that, but I just keep excuse that I late because of traffic jam. I was rationalizing myself to avoid responsibility and to be not feeling guilty that I make my friend up set. Defense Mechanisms – Page 2

How has the using of these defense mechanisms prevent you from building better character? In my opinion, it’s not build better character or healthy mental. But every people need to use proper defense mechanisms. If not, they will undergo psychological pain. And this is also right for me. It wasn’t build better character, but It necessary to defend myself. Learning from this, what will you do in the future to develop better character? Defense mechanisms are not a solution to face to...
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