defense mechanisms

Topics: Psychological projection, Defence mechanism, Mind Pages: 2 (316 words) Published: April 20, 2014
Defense Mechanisms
Healthy persons normally use different defenses throughout life to cope with reality and to maintain self-image.The number of defense mechanisms which I commonly use are “Emotional Insulation and Apathy”, Reaction Formation and Projection. I used the Emotional Insulation and Apathy defense mechanism then I was recovering from my past relationship with my ex- girlfriend. We had been together for two years before our relationship ended. I felt heartbroken for wile and kept my mind busy, just to stop thinking of her for a second or two. I denied the fact that I cared about her and I avoided getting involved in another relationship because I was afraid to get hurt again. Every day of our lives we tend to use the Reaction Formation defense mechanism to cover up our Egos. Most people are expressing it with a smile including myself. I call it just being polite and controlling of inner emotions. There are some cultures that tend to use less of this defense mechanism, such as Italians. They tend to express themselves more freely then people in America. But it also depends on the social circle, the types of people that surround you. Also, to blame someone else for something that doesn’t go well for ourselves is a big trend among drivers in United States today. My friend Ernest would be the perfect example of this. Every time he gives me a ride in his car, he’s projecting at other drivers, blaming them for something that is his fault most of the time. I believe that people like him are emotionally unstable and irresponsible. He’s projecting to free himself from admitting the responsibility for his actions. Defense mechanisms protect us from being consciously aware of a thought or feeling which we cannot tolerate. The defense only allows the unconscious thought or feeling to be expressed indirectly in a disguised form.
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