Defense mechanism

Topics: Defence mechanism, Sigmund Freud, Psychosexual development Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: March 4, 2014
Psychoanalytic approach

Defense mechanism
This is a base on defense mechanism, repression must occur first Repression is mechanism of ego prevent anxiety-provoking刺激的 thoughts from being enter in conscious level. eg: a people who has repression memories abuse濫用suffer as a child, maybe let him difficult forming relationship. The memories don’t appear also it continue to influence our behavior The conscious unwant information out in awareness, which is as Suppression.

Denial 否定:
Denial some fact in one’s life despite不管abundant evidence for its reality Eg: refusal believed that lover was died
This function to protect ego from individual cannot cope with 處理 May save us pain and anxiety also require a large investment of energy

Rationalization 合理化
Explaining an unacceptable behavior and feeling in a rational and logical manner, avoid the true things Eg: a student who blames a poor exam score on a instructor rather than he/her lack of preparation Rationalization not only prevents anxiety also protect self-esteem and self-concept People always attribute認為 achievement to their own activity and skills while failure are blamed an other people or outside forces.

Displacement 轉移
Take out our frustration, feel and impulse推動 people or object to less threatening威脅 If you have a bad day in office, you can go out at home frustration to family or friend, it is a ego of defense mechanism on displacement Sublimation 昇華

Our unacceptable impulses will displace to do pro-social activities (positive activities) such as writing, drawing, it is call a sublimation Sign a maturity also allow people to function in socially acceptable ways Regression

When people stressful people act out behavior with their psychosexual development stage in their fixation. It is call regression Fixation can drop down people anxiety
Eg: individual fixation an earlier development stage maybe cry for listening a bad news. Behavior...
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