Ded Na Si Lolo

Topics: Superstition, Luck, Omen Pages: 1 (322 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Ded Na Si Lolo

“Ded Na Si Lolo” is an independent film highlighting the different superstitious beliefs of Filipinos. The movie limits itself only to Filipino superstitions when a family member passed away. Some of these superstitions are: wearing a red colored attire when you are going to a wake is prohibited; rosary should be cut so that a family member will not be the next one to pass away; it is bad luck to take a bath at the house where the dead lies; it is bad luck to clean the house; it is forbidden to accompany guests leaving the wake; and putting a chick on top of the casket means that the dead was murdered. It is funny how we, Filipinos, keep on following them although we do not even know where all of these superstitions came from. Maybe this is because we do not lose anything every time we do these stuffs. In the movie, I see myself in the character played by Roderick Paulate which is Junee. I am the kind of person who does not usually believe in superstitions and sometimes finds them hilarious, but, just like Junee, I cannot resist following these superstitions because of the people around me. It is true that these beliefs have become part of our culture and I think there is nothing wrong with that as long as these beliefs do not cause us harm and chaos. As we follow every superstition, we should bear in mind that it is still in our hands whether we will succeed or not. Barely believing and practicing different superstitions for good luck will never be enough. Dedication and perseverance are still the keys for success and also the aid of Almighty God. With regards to the movie itself, I was completely entertained. Every actor and actress in the movie did very well. They were able to play the roles assigned to them excellently.
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