Decorating Your Lives with Polka Dots

Topics: Polka dot Pages: 3 (738 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Polka dot is a pattern consisting of an array of filled circles, generally equally sized and spaced relatively closely in relation to their diameters. Polka dots are most commonly seen on children's clothing, toys, and furniture, but they appear in a wide array of contexts. Both

If you're self-conscious about a particular body part, avoid wearing large polka dots on that area, as this print definitely calls attention to itself, because polka dots are extremely eye-catching, "one item is enough. Otherwise, your outfit might appear too harsh and loud. Choose a flattering color that you'll want to wear again and again. Female

If your polka dots are made of neutrals, such as black and white or brown and white, you can choose a separate color to accessorize with. Pick a bright, vibrant color like red. That way, your accessories will not get lost amongst the dots. -------------------------------------------------

Wear a belt or sash. A solid colored belt or sash across your waist breaks up the field of dots, adding just enough contrast to keep your look visually interesting without looking cluttered. -------------------------------------------------

Simple shoes work best. Low-heeled sandals, closed-toe heels, and flats can all work well with a polka dot dress, but choose a shoe that has little to no adornment. -------------------------------------------------

Keep your accessories to a minimum. Since polka dots are such a busy pattern, you should avoid adding too many accessories to your outfit. Only add two or three accessories, not including your shoes and purse. -------------------------------------------------

Keep things simple. Make your accessories as simple as possible. Resist the temptation to use polka dot accessories, and avoid other patterns altogether, since other patterns are likely to clash with the dots. Stick with solid colors. -------------------------------------------------...
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