Deconstructing the Obvious: Schindler’s List

Topics: Nazi Germany, The Holocaust, Film Pages: 3 (990 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Deconstructing the Obvious: Schindler’s List
In the film, Schindler’s list, many film techniques were used to present important ideas of the film. There were many scenes that took place in the movie that stood out and was filled with film techniques. The liquidation of the ghetto was filled with important themes and ideas that were shown through various film techniques. The ending also presented various film techniques.

During the liquidation of the ghetto, a girl who is wearing a red coat, which is the only thing in color, is calmly walking though the ghetto with all the chaos around her. During this scene, the filmmakers show Schindler’s face and then back to the girl, and then back to his face. This technique is called SHOT-REVERSE-SHOT, which is when two or more shots are edited together that alternate characters, typically in a conversation situation. CLOSE UP, is also used during this scene, which is when the subject is tightly framed and shown at a relatively large scale. The shot-reverse-shot is used in this scene to show the connection between the girl and Schindler and how his full attention is on her. The close up is used to emphasize Schindler’s emotion and to show his own personal transition and to reflect his moral conscious being woken. Also, the highlighted coat on the little girl individualizes the Holocaust when a personal connection between the viewers and the girl is made. The filmmakers were able to achieve this because the whole movie is in black and white, so when a small girl, a symbol of innocence, is wearing a red coat, the viewer remembers the character. There is also a musical soundtrack of children singing in the background during this scene with the girl. This soundtrack is used to represent the innocence of children. It emphasizes the brutality of the Holocaust and also shows the inner conflict within Schindler between self-interest and his moral conscious. EYE LINE MATCH, which is when the camera focus switches from the...
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