Decoding Neanderthals

Topics: Human, Neanderthal, Human evolution Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: October 22, 2014

“Decoding Neanderthals”

Neanderthals are an extinct species shown as our ancestors.They began to disappear 40,000 years ago as Homo sapiens came on the scene. They are a branch of the human family tree and are considered to have been primitive with no verbal language. Many believe them to have a lack of intelligence but science is proving the theory wrong. History shows Neanderthals as undeveloped humans, but the possibilities of their lifestyle being more advance than the lifestyle of modern humans is very high. As different and unrelated as history may have made it seen, the genetic evidence revision of our human family tree is bringing us a lot closer. The studies are beginning to show their mysterious presence right within our genes.

Archeologists found new evidence that are answering many controversies, unanswered questions, and new perspectives of the legacy of the Neanderthals. The average lifespan of a Neanderthals was thirty. Through these thirty years, they were trained to hunt and gather basic necessities very quickly. According to the video “Decoding Neanderthals,” they were “brooding and stupid-looking with no personality”. They were seen as unintellegent physically and mentally with a lack of the brainpower that Homo sapiens had. Due to their animal like character, they would endure any physical encounters they had with the animal they were trying to kill hunt for food. In modern physical strength comparison, these Neanderthals were technically bench pressing about 500lbs. As homosapiens migrated to Europe from Africa, they outnumbered the Neanderthals 10 to 1. They soon began to compete for the same territory, food, and resources. Eventually, the Neanderthals mysteriously all vanished in a wipeout by the Homo sapiens leaving us the dominant group. The main reason as to why Homo sapiens survived while the Neanderthals didn’t takes us straight to a matter of brainpower. Tools and technique differences lead us to believe that homo sapiens...
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