Declaration Of Independence Questions

1. In the first paragraph of the declaration, Jefferson states the reason for the writing of this document. What reason does he give? To create a more equal government.
2. Where does a government acquire its power, according to the declaration? From the consent of the governed.
3. What are the "unalienable rights" that Jefferson states?
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
4. Who or what does Jefferson hold accountable for most of the problems the colonies are suffering through? The King of Great Britain.
5. What tone does the final statement of the Declaration of Independence display? A sense of pride and strength.
Is this tone effective in conveying the importance of this document? Yes.
6. Jefferson speaks of "the laws of nature and of Nature's God." What does he mean by this? Give an example of a law that might be contrary to "the laws of nature." 7. Find and write the dictionary meaning for the word "self-evident." Jefferson mentions four truths, which he says are "self-evident." Name these and argue for or against the notion that they are indeed "self-evident." Not needing to be demonstrated or explained; obvious.

8. Find and write the meaning to the phrase "absolute despotism." Jefferson says it is the "right and duty" of mankind to fight this "absolute despotism." Why? Absolute power or control; tyranny. He is saying the King has too much power over the colonies and he is saying it is their right to revolt and fight the tyrant King. 9. Compare the tone or attitude expressed towards the British people with that towards King George III. List and explain those words that aid you to understand this tone. The British people are referred to as “our British brethren.” The colonists and the British share a “common kindred”. Their unselfishness is seen through the word magnanimity. But they are like their king, “have been deaf to the voice of justice and of consanguinity.” The British people must be seen, as the rest of the world is seen, as...
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