Topics: Human rights, United States Declaration of Independence, Amish Pages: 2 (810 words) Published: November 6, 2014

The Teenage Declaration of Independence
Due to the recent events particularly effecting our Teenage World, we, as teenagers want to speak on behalf of our majority group. It has become a growing importance that teenagers now seek an independence from their parental authorities. All humans have a constitutional right to independence. The actual independence sought for from this Declaration is not to ignorantly demand an immature imbalance of childish desires, but rather to declare an independence more typical to that of an adult. We are not begging for video games, or a raise in our (non-existent) allowance. We significantly desire an opportunity to prove we are worthy of a more suitable independence. Emancipation is not at all the final aspiration of the Declaration. Instead, this is an attempt to compromise and explain the benefits of being an independent teenager. Teens, like adults, are entitled to their unalienable rights. The self-evident truths that we are often deprived of include privacy, power, privilege, and also freedom in all forms. We as teenagers are controlled by a hierarchy, otherwise known as our parents. They are a dual power-system that contain the allowances to control their children. As American's, we may have (i.e.) "freedom of speech" or "religious freedom", but as a teenager living under parental restrictions, these are not rights that we can actually sustain. As mature teenagers, we are aware that there are multiple ways a Declaration such as this one could be interpreted. However, it cannot be stressed enough that this is not a 'cry for help' or a way to pick apart our guardians. It is not that we want to be free of our parents because they are harmful, nor do we feel that all teenagers deserve the same rights of independence as each other. Simply, if we can prove that we are financially, emotionally, and personally responsible for ourselves, then we should be allowed our freedom and independence to provide for and make our own...
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