Decisions Decisions

Topics: Decision theory, Decision making, Flipism Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: March 29, 2011
Yolanda Y. Reviere
Case 9

Decisions Decisions

In the business world and in everyday life people and companies must make decisions. Not all decisions made in the business world are simple as those make in everyday life. Decision making is an important skill for business and life. There are various steps involved that help people make decision and improve the quality of the decisions made. Decision making is the process of choosing a course of action to deal with a problem or opportunity. (206). The process is usually done in steps this is called the rational decision model. . Defining the problem, analyze alternatives’, make choices, take action and evaluate results.

In Case 9 there were 4 mini cases that required decisions to be made by employees and some companies. The cases were easily divided up into the steps of the decision making process but several of the cases had moral implications for not making the right decisions. A moral dilemma involves a choice between two or more ethically uncomfortable alternatives. ( 208). In the first mini case a women was trying to figure out if she should wear her engagement ring to her interview . She debated because she was unsure on what the interviewer would interpret about her and her ability to do the job. She had to evaluate the situation in order to make a careful decision one that had moral implications. In the mini case Wellness or invasive coercion a n employer implemented a wellness program that was supposed to help employees and also reduce health care costs for the business. The company went as far as testing employees for nicotine use and subsequently firing some workers when the continued to smoke even though it is bad for your health. This case posed many ethical dilemmas and decisions the business needed to make. In the case Super sales woman won’t ask for a raise, a sales woman learned she is being paid far less than men that are doing the same job. Her dilemma was should she confront her...
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