Decisions: Cleveland Cavaliers and Basketball

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Trying to balance two things you love so much, and having to choose between them is one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. I have been playing basketball since I was about six years old and I love the sport like I love my family. At my age it is hard to find a job I really love, not a career, but just a job I enjoy going to. In about May 2013 I was hired at a Nike factory store and I was very excited because Nike is one of my favorite brands ever. It came a time where I was not able to do both, play basketball and work. The money was so good and I needed, but basketball was my favorite sport and I was very passionate about playing. I decided I had to quit basketball.

The decision I made to quit basketball was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made because I love the sport so much. Going to the gym and playing is not the same feeling I have as to when I play with my friends, and my family. I just started my semester at Ocean County College and they have an amazing girls’ basketball. The team is division three and they also went to nationals last year. I would be honored to play on the team. My first year at OCC I would enjoy the experience of playing on my first college team so much.

My job at Nike is one of the best jobs I have ever had. The job pays good, gives good hours, and everyone there is friendly. When I was younger and not working, sneakers were not such a big deal to me. Once I started making my own money I became what people call today a “sneaker head”. Every release of sneakers that come out I buy. I own close to 300 pairs. Collecting sneakers is a hobby I love, and working at Nike I get the best of both worlds. I enjoy what I do, get paid for it and I get to add to my collection at a discounted price. Employees who work at Nike get thirty percent off anything in stores and forty percent off all items on Nike website. Ever since my semester at OCC had started I get less hours and the commute to work is taking up more...
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