Decision to Enroll in College

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People have many decisions to enroll in college. The global economy now days demand an education beyond high school, whether it is a high skilled-certification a two year or four year degree. Some of my decisions to enroll in college were based on me preparing for my career, investment for my future, the flexible schedule, and to be able to look at aspects of a higher education.

My decision to attend college online has had several advantages for me. The schedule is flexible. I can attend class whenever is good for me. I am able to work comfortable at my own pace, which allows me to do a lot more like work and attend to my three year old son needs. Therefore I am able to maintain all my work.

Enrolling in college helps me to prepare for my career. Having a higher education helps with job training. Part of preparing for a career is learning how to analyze problems and finding a solution in a work environment. And understanding how to work with an expert is important part of preparing for your career.

By making the decision to enroll in college is an investment for the future. A college degree will earn more than a high school diploma by a great percentage. In some companies having a degree will start you off in a higher position. Another advantage of having a degree it will give you a higher selection in the screening process for jobs that pay greater. Having a college degree in the twenty-first century makes a big difference and will take you a lot further in life.

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