Decision Theory and Probability Distributions

Topics: Decision theory, Risk, Oakland Athletics Pages: 3 (469 words) Published: September 1, 2010
Decision Analysis
Course Outline, Quarter I, 2006
ClassMaterials Topic
Hardcopy in PacketOther*
1Freemark Abbey Winery Structuring Decisions
Framework for Analyzing Risk
2The North Star ConcertNorth Star.xlsBest Guess, Worst Case, Best Case; and Continuous Uncertainties 3Engine Services, Inc.
Quick Start Guide to Crystal Ball
Analyzing Uncertainty, Probability Distributions, and SimulationLearning Module: Crystal Ball Litigate Demo Engine Services.xlsLanguage of Probability Distributions and Monte Carlo Simulation 4Taurus Telecommunications Corporation: A New Prepaid Phone CardLearning Module: Tornado Sensitivity Taurus Telecommunications.xlsSensitivity Analysis and Key Drivers Time Value of Money

5Dhahran Roads (A)
Evaluating Multiperiod Performance Multiperiod Pro Forma and NPV 6Roadway Construction Company NPV, IRR, and Project Assumptions Data and Distributions
7Appshop, Inc. Simulating NPV
8Lorex Pharmaceuticals
Introduction to Analytical Probability Distributions Lorex Exhibit 2.xlsDistributions 9Sprigg Lane (A)Sprigg2.xlsProbability Distributions and Spreadsheet Modeling; Risk 10The Waldorf Property

Chapter 11 of QBA: Text and Cases
Waldorf.xlsCumulative Distribution Functions, Adjustment for Risk 11Amore Frozen Foods (A) Macaroni and Cheese Fill Targets
SamplingAmore.xlsSample Uncertainty
12Hightower Department Stores: Imported Stuffed Animals
Introduction to Least SquaresHightower Exhibit 5.xlsIntroduction to Regression 13Problems in Regression
Using Dummy VariablesRegresProbSet.xlsMultiple Regression and Dummy Variables 14The Oakland A's (A)
The Oakland A’s (A) Supplement
Linear Model-Building Oakland As A.xlsRegression Modeling 15American Lawbook Corporation (A) and (B)American Lawbook Data.xlsSummary
*Electronic spreadsheets or online learning module
Decision Analysis
Course Outline, Quarter 3, 2007
ClassMaterials Topic
Hardcopy in Packet...
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