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The Army over the last few years has learned a hard lesson. The current force and the way it takes care of equipment is not compatible with the GWOT. Looking ahead the army has come up with a design to combat this problem and streamline the Forces. By decreasing our decreasing our so many contracts that the DOD has and get back to soldiers being more involved in taking care of their equipment so that units in the army will transform into a lean mean fighting machine capable of fighting in any engagement and be able to maintain their equipment. Although this has been thought out well we feel that there is a way that DOD could convert today and save millions of dollars. By doing this, getting away for Left Behind Equipment (LBE) and go to Unit Maintained Equipment (UME).

HQDA designated the Army Sustainment Command (ASC) as the lead agent for property accountability and equipment maintenance, to include funding of the Army’s Left Behind Equipment (LBE). The LBE program is designed to relieve Active Component units of equipment responsibility for items not required to deploy in the conduct of their wartime mission. The LBE program ensures non-deployed equipment is maintained and accounted for to support the Army ARFORGEN process. The LBE turn-in process is a Property Book transaction with ownership of the equipment being transferred to ASC (with property transfer decisions retained by FORSCOM).

As units prepare to deploy, they identify all property book accountable equipment that will not be deployed and compile it into one LBE turn-in list. Excess and unserviceable equipment must be disposed of IAW Army supply regulations prior to compiling the LBE list and should not be included as LBE. All Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) equipment and excess equipment that a unit requests to turn-in to LBE must be certified by LIN as returning to the unit upon redeployment. LBE is not responsible for disposing of excess or unserviceable equipment on...
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