Decision Making Sequence

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5.6 Decision Making --Work File

* Read the course resources regarding decision making. Complete the following requirements. 1.List three life decisions that you made that have changed your life in some way. Choose one and write a paragraph about it. (Total 10 points) a. Working out

b. Dating
c. Shopping
Dating has changed my life dramatically. I have had drama that I never had before dating. I have lost friends over it and it has brought a lot of stress. I had my first actual relationship in the 9th grade. It was a off an on relationship. Recently it ended and it caused me and him both a lot of difficulties. Having a relationship for 2 years and then ending it with that person and still trying to be their friend is super difficult. It has made it hard to move on, made it hard to control my feelings, and try to make it through the day with out missing him. This has made me go through many obstacles. Some of which I thought I could never get over but I slowly am achieving what I want in life which is to be happy. Im slowly getting over those obstacles. 2.Write two paragraphs about the decision you made. (Total of 10 sentences, 10 Points) The decision I made has been very difficult. There are some days when we arent friends and das where we are. 3.List three events in your life that you did not have any control over that changed your life in some way. Choose one and write two paragraphs about it. (Total 10 points) a.

4. Write two paragraphs about one of the decisions that you had no control over. (Total of 10 sentences, 10 Points)

Read the case scenarios located at the “case scenario” link on the activity page. Choose one of the six case scenarios and using the decision making process, explain what you would do. (Total 48 points) 
*Complete the decision making sequence below.

1.Identify the decision to be made.

2.List all possible options and alternatives.

3.Evaluate each of the options and alternatives.

4.Choose the best...
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