Decision Making Process Paper

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Decision-Making Process Paper
June 26, 2011

The decision-making process has six stages. These stages consist of identifying and diagnosing the problem, generating alternative solutions, evaluating alternatives, making the choice, implementing the decision, and evaluate the decision. Choosing to go back to school and what school to attend was a problem that I had that needed to be figured out. I did not use the decision-making process; if I had I am not sure if my decision would have been the same.

Deciding to go back to school was something I thought about for a few months but taking the steps to do so was something that only took an hour to do. The decision-making process has six stages but I may have only taken three of those steps in my process. The decision-making stages are to identify and diagnose the problem, generate alternative solutions, evaluate alternatives, make the choice, implement the decision, and evaluate the decision (Management, 2011). To identify and diagnose the problems means to recognize a problem or something he of she wants to do that exist and solve it. Generate alternative solutions can be divide into two categories, which are ready-made solutions and custom-made solutions. Ready made solutions are solutions you have tried before or advice from others with similar problems, and custom made solutions are solutions designed for a specific solution. Evaluate alternatives means deciding which solution will be best and which solution will fit the problem that you have. After considering all the solution, you will have to make a choice. Once you have made your choice, implement the decision. Implement the decision means to take action. Start the plan to solve your problem. The last stage is to evaluate the decision by collecting information on how well the decision is working. These are the six stages of the decision-making process. My problem was deciding ongoing back to school and which school to...
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