Decision Making Process

Topics: Mortgage, Decision making, Foreclosure Pages: 3 (865 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Decision-Making Process
Tanya J Patterson
April 1, 2013
Jenny J Williams, PHR

Decision-Making Process
People must make decisions every day related to professional or personal circumstances. No matter how small or major the decision is, there is a process one needs to follow to provide optimal success. The following paragraphs will describe how the author came to the conclusion of purchasing a home; the differences and similarities of the author's decision-making process compared to those illustrated in the text and how the author's decision-making process was the same as the text process with the same result. First Time Home Buyer

In 2006, the author was living in a small two-bedroom rental that the author had out grown because of a third child. After obtaining a new job with higher pay and needing an extra room for another child the decision was made to rent a larger home in a better neighborhood. After renting for just six months, the owner told the author he was facing foreclosure and the author had to move. Within a couple of weeks the author found another home with a lease to buy option agreement. However, after living there for nearly two years, the owner of that property also decided to foreclose even though the payments received from the author were higher than the mortgage payments. The decision of moving became frustrating once again, and the author was forced to uproot the children and find another home. The author was a single parent of three children had had enough of moving and wanting to provide a stable living environment for the family. This is when the decision was made to consider purchasing a home instead of renting again. Luckily, with child support and the increase in pay was enough for the author to buy in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada. The with the low down payment of 3% and the seller paying the closing cost options ultimately allowed the author to purchase a home. The Formal Process

The decision to buy a...

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