Decision Making Discussion mgt230 week 2

Topics: Decision making, Risk, Cognition Pages: 3 (620 words) Published: April 16, 2015

Decision Making Discussion
Darleen Busot
April 6, 2015
Patricia Ford

Decision Making Discussion
Our team had an interesting discussion on how CEO’s and management teams come to decisions. We discussed different situations and point of views. Our team was able to discuss this topic without been bias or allowed our personal experiences to create a difficult discussion. We all agreed on how CEO’s and management allow ego to interfere with their decision making without thinking about the consequences. Most CEO’s encounter at some time in their career a situation were they need to make a decision that could affect thousands of employees, shareholders, the stock market, and mostly the financial of their company. During our team discussion, we all discussed the current CEO of Xerox, Ann Mulcahy and how she had to make difficult decisions to save the company from bankruptcy. At the time of been appointed as the CEO, Ann Mulcahy had many decisions to make and if it was the incorrect one the company will fail. She had to decide how she could save the company and one of the decisions was a personal one, she had to shut down the division she had initiated. Our team agreed that Ann had made the correct decision at the right time. She had to set aside personal feelings and shut down the desk jet unit, lay off employees and reinvent the company in order to save it. Erek pointed out that making those decisions were difficult and how she did not allow her ego to affect interfere. He also mentioned how she was a successful leader compared to other CEO’s that make decisions allowing their personal feelings to influence their decision-making. My post was more towards the fact that Mulcahy goals were to save the company regardless of personal feelings. CEO’s are challenged every day with many situations, some are easier than others, but the impact could be catastrophic. When a CEO have its heart set on saving a company from bankruptcy like Mulcahy did,...
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