Decision Making and Organizational Structure

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Running head: DECISION MAKING AND ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Decision Making and Organizational Structure
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In this highly diverse organization, coordination between professional groups, patient care units and service components within the organization is highly important to the performance of health delivery system. For example, in a hospital there are primary clinical departments of medicine, surgery, and neurology, are further differentiated into various subspecialties like cardiology, nephrology within the departments of medicines. This kind of differentiated and specialized organization requires substantial degree of coordination and communication. Various different kinds of intra-organizational mechanisms are used by health care managers to coordinate work activities. Due to the high level of interdependencies that exist in health care organization, coordination and communication becomes more important for the survival of the organization and continue to face external challenges. For example, a patient having a cardiac problem is directed to the cardiology department, but if he/she also has kidney problem then the cardiology department has to closely work with the nephrology department for the treatment of the patient. Not to forget the nurses and laboratory personnel. The quality of care of the patient greatly depends on how closely the departments/physicians coordinate and communicate with each other and others. My organization feels this is the key to running a successful hospital. With the majority of our providers being senior officers, who are set in the military hierarchy of leadership and rank structure, they often exude any willingnessto listen to information provided by those of less rank or position. This is especially important when it involves adding improvement activities into a systematic, organization wide approach. Leaders...
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