Decision-Making Analysis: Fundamental Challenge for Organizations

Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Decision making software, Critical thinking, Risk, Collaboration / Pages: 2 (672 words) / Published: Jun 23rd, 2014
Decision Making Analysis
“I think that decision making is the fundamental challenge for organizations that aspire to be collaborative. There are a lot of things we can do to solicit input, to involve people, to inform people, but so often the rubber hits the road at decision points, when a group of people have to sit around a table or in a circle and deliberate around a specific decision, and the mindset and the skill set and the methods are important here. And an organization and leaders need to invest in those things if they want to move toward skillful collaboration.” (Dressler, 2013). I could not agree more with Larry Dressler in his speech in Decision-Making as a Skillful Collaboration. He helped define decision making and in the Destination CEO videos we were able to see it in action through the eyes of four great CEOs.
Review of Content In this week’s videos we were able to take a look at four CEOs at four very unique corporations dealing with very unique problems. With that, they all exemplified confidence in what they were doing and that they were turning their companies from bankruptcy to a prosperous future. In the example of Anne Mulcahy, CEO of XEROX, she grew up in the organization and had to make several hard changes upon receiving the role of CEO. One of the hardest of these decisions had to be shutting down a sector of business that she pioneered for XEROX. This demonstrates great humility to me, and hope in the future I could overlook my pride to be able of an action like this. Neville Isdell was pulled from retirement in order to pull Coca Cola back to the competitive front of the beverage industry. I thought it was rare to see someone with a background in social work to chosen to be CEO of a multi-billion dollar company as Coca Cola. Gary Kelly took an approach to the business different than most CEO’s, in which he stepped down from his “ivory tower” to talk to people his airline was serving in order to benefit his approach. In the case of

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