Decision Making

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Decision Making
Group decision making occurs when a specific group of people make a choice regarding a process or procedure in the work place. Group decision making can also include a group of friends getting together and making a decision where to go for the evening. Decision making can be easy, hard or somewhere in the middle; many times how hard the process is depends on the team or group of people that have to make the decision. The type of decision and the number of people the decision will affect is another aspect of decision making that can determine how hard it is to come up with a decision. “Group decision making is a type of participatory process in which multiple individuals acting collectively, analyze problems or situations, consider and evaluate alternative courses of action, and select from among the alternatives a solution or solutions”  ("Skill building –group decision making", 2011).  There are several ways that groups can make a decisions, some of the ones that are used the most are brainstorming, dialectical theory, nominal group technique and delphi technique. Brainstorming is a when a group gets together and all members input their ideas and thoughts. This is not a meeting, many times there is no structure and group members will just randomly speak their ideas and the leader of the group will write these ideas down where all members of the group can see them. The group them considers all these ideas, eliminates the bad ones (the ones that do not work) and begins using the good ideas to come up with a decision that is agreeable to all parties involved. The dialectical theory divides the group into to two parts, one part is pro and the other is against. These two groups will debate the decision to be made. By breaking the group down and listing the good and bad points to the decision the group will be able to make a final decision .Using this process allows for all possibilities to be discussed involving the decision. “The nominal group...

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