Decision Making

Topics: Decision making, Anxiety, Phobia Pages: 4 (1016 words) Published: June 28, 2013
Assigment No.1
1.“Enlightenment means taking full responsibility for your life.” Enlightenment means learning. Responsibility means the ability to act or decide on one’s own, without supervision. To go over, the main point with the statement above tells us that “Learning every aspect of your life is achieved by deciding things on your own.” A self-growth directed person is a person who knows how to choose between two things and solve problems or situations based on his own understanding. A self-growth directed person is a man who is not afraid to take risk, a man who is not afraid to decide.

2. What is decidophobia? Please give three personal experiences relating to decidophobia.

Decidophobia is the fear of making decisions.

Lately, I’ve been worrying about my school and work. Im having my 3-week training now at work and my class has already started, sad to say I am absent at school for a week and Honestly, It’s a big deal for me cause I am not used not to go to school. I need work but also I need to go to school. I’m suffering decidophobia because im afraid to give up my work because I’ve been going through to it, I’ve already sacrifices my time, energy, money and everything for this. But though, I never think of giving up my school I’m just confused if I would continue working while schooling, If I’m ready to take up this risk. And still now, I don’t have my decision yet.

I am a Roman Catholic and Last year, in an unexpected time God challenges me. I was really in a depressive manner to decide whether to convert in other religion or to stay being a Catholic. I know Life is not about what religion are you in, its about your relationship to God. But at that time, I think I was just “brainwashed” their trying to convince me about converting my religion. And it makes me confused more when I let different people decide for me. I am very fearful to make my own decision because whatever would be my decision will...
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