Decision Making

Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Decision making software Pages: 4 (1294 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Decision Making Based on Mission and Vision of an Organization This case study deals with leadership, decision making, and effective communication. Also, how important it is for a President and the staff to work together in a team to solve a problem. Not every decision is the correct resolution, but there are better decisions made when there is a group effort. This discussion will be completed through an analysis of the case study on decision making based on Mission and Vision of an Organization. This discussion will determine the best decision making method, the final decision by the President, and how the decision will be communicated to the staff and the public. Community Medical Center is a medical facility dedicated to providing quality patient care with unrelenting attention to clinical excellence, patient safety and an unparalleled passion and commitment to assure the very best healthcare for those we serve. The decision for the President to decide about the case of an operating room nurse, who may have HIV/AIDS, would definitely be a difficult decision. The President needs to provide a news release in 24 hours, and this will put more pressure on making a quick resolution. This would be a difficult task and there is not much time to make a decision. The best solution would be to review the mission statement that the President has utilized, and review the decision making models that will help influence the best decision. Also, a meeting would need to take place with the staff to help decide the best way in figuring out a solution in 24 hours. The decision making models that will help the President in this situation are the Willful Choice Decision-Making Model and the Garbage Can Model. These models will help identify the issue and determine potential solutions. The Willful Choice Decision-Making Model is the first recommendation to help the President and the staff in determining the best solution. According to Johnson (2009) here are the six steps of...

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