Deception in Research 

Topics: Ethics, Deception, Psychology Pages: 3 (892 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Deception in Research 

The article I chose from Capella Library was about Deception in Research. While exploring my area of interest may require misleading or not completely informing your subjects about the true nature of your research, as a general rule, serious deception should be avoided whenever possible, since it put at risks the integrity of informed authority. For research involving deception the use of deception must be justified in the procedure to show that the research cannot be performed in the absence of deception and the benefits of the research will sufficiently be more important than any risks that deception may create. Research participants cannot be deceived about significant aspects of the research that would affect their willingness to participate or that would cause them physical or emotional harm. Deception must be explained to participants (debriefed) as early as reasonable. A debriefing script must be included in the procedure and should include a detailed description of the ways in which deception was used and why; when and by whom the debriefing will be administered should also be included. True “informed consent” cannot be given if the true nature of the research is deceptively presented. This situation is dealt with administratively via a waiver of portions of the information consent regulations. Deception is a word used to end arguments, not to begin them. To accuse researchers of deception is to remove them from the ranks of those with whom legitimate human relationships can be pursued. For an example, let’s look at in the article of Deception in Research on the Placebo Effect. Experiments exploring the placebo effect, however, suggest justifiable ethical concerns, owing to the use of deception. The ethical intend to conduct of deceptive placebo research include (1) review and approval by an independent research ethics to establish the use of deception and that the study protocol offers sufficient value to justify the risks it...
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